Fuel Injection Mapping

Fuel Map1 These days the majority of bikes sold are fuel injected. With fuel injection there is no more changing jets and turning screws. With fuel injection you can change the signals to the injectors with the use of a new ECU "The bikes computer" or hacking the ECU. Another option is changing the signal to the injectors after it leaves the ECU. To do this you need a module that plugs into the bikes computer and stays on the bike, out of sight. Both methods can include timing changes w/o buying a separate ignition. Other variables can be changed depending on what system is used. These include rev limiter changes, cold start cycle changes, and others. If you go buy a new Harley, you are going to spend some money on accessories. When you get your new pipes and air cleaner, Harley is going to flash a map into the ECU that changes the fuel, rev limit, and or timing. That map tells the bike how much fuel is needed at every throttle percentage and a corresponding RPM to achieve the perfect air to fuel ratio. With the right air to fuel ratios your bike will run great and have dependable and impressive horsepower. The problem is that you pay to get the flash, but it is generic. A generic map is a map that is just flashed or downloaded without be adjusted manually to that specific bike. Every bike that has a Vance and Hines pro pipe and Screamin Eagle air filter Fuel Map2 will get the same map.

NO TWO BIKES RUN ALIKE. If you check a generic map at a properly equipped tuning center you will see that you bike will be rich in spots and lean in spots and you will have the dreaded decel popping. . With a custom tune we adjust your fuel manually not just guessing what your bike needs. With our load control dyno, its sensors, and our experience; we can make your bike fun to ride again. We set a load with the dyno on your bike so we can lock on every throttle position "0-100" and hold it at every 250 rpm's in any possible riding area and set the amount of fuel needed to run right, not to rich or lean. A picture might help you better understand. See below we lock on and fix every cell that it is possible to hit.

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